Illustrated Words

I'll meet you where the page proclaims the end.

Finally finished the Paper Towns song I posted almost a year ago. Yes it took me that long. 

Free download: on soundcloud


Late at night
You knock at my window
I look outside
You smile through the glass pane
"Let’s roam the night,
In the city light’s guide.
Let’s right some wrongs or
Go down with a fight.”

From above it’s all well lit
This town of paper It burns even brighter.
But all we can see
Are the winding roads
The cemeteries
And the broken homes

Stay today and leave tomorrow.
No goodbyes means I will follow.

Like leaves of grass you
grow your roots too fast
A wind blows
you find yourself down the road
Towards a place
where you can only get lost.
Tie a knot in our strings
and you’ll find your way back

Memories alter and
Change my view of you
Misimagined the things that we’ve been through 
And the people you have been
Now I see them all running.

I looked for you under my boot soles.
All I could see were the holes
That came through wear
All I can think of is
I want you again and again and again

And we’ll set our memories free.

  • 28 August 2012
  • 616